The Internet Archive Has Ended Its Emergency Library Early

Following four publishers filed a lawsuit Before This month, the Internet Archive finished its National Emergency Library program sooner than planned.

It started the crisis program in March, providing free access to 1.4 million books for individuals unable to access classrooms or libraries during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Emergency Library is a part of the Open Libraries Initiative, where the Web Archive reads libraries novels, allowing digital check-outs through a waiting list.

However, the Emergency Library did away with all the waiting lists and created the books that are scanned available.

The Authors Guild said in March that the Internet Archive has been”behaving as a piracy site” that violates writers’ rights to their functions.

The Internet Archive is not entirely finishing the Internet lending program, but rather switching back to its controlled electronic lending version.

It was not immediately clear Sunday if ending the emergency library would induce the publishers to finish the lawsuit.

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