Google Counter Sues Sonos For Patent Infringement

Google has counterpoised Sonos for patent violation after Sonos initially filing patent litigation against Google in January.

The lawsuit of google appears to serve a couple of functions.

The next is to demonstrate it’s been aggrieved after that which it sees support for Sonos’ product development efforts.

Sonos maintained Google had stolen the technology after working with Sonos to incorporate Google Play Music and additional insisted on harsh conditions for Sonos to integrate the Google Assistant on its products, such as sharing the complete Sonos product roadmap for just six months as Google was growing competing speaker solutions.

“We had it prepared, we revealed it to Google and Amazon. Amazon stated. Google has stated, if you are planning to do this, Assistant won’t be accessible in any way,” Spence testified.

With Sonos, it functioned in 2013 to incorporate Play Music, also in 2016, it stepped to integrate the Google Assistant.

This endeavor again included necessary Google engineering tools, including substantial weeks of employee work time.

We’re defending ourselves by claiming our patent rights. We anticipate winning our first instance and winning this recently filed retaliatory situation as well.

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