Gen Z Are Destroying Millennials On TikTok

After TikTok user-requested boomers to quit saying the younger generations will be the same.

TikTok user made the movie that kicked off an inter-generational Social networking battle.

A few of the comments mocked millennials’ love of Harry Potter with one TikTok user.

Another characteristic of millennial civilization, as announced by Gen Z, is embarrassing slogan T-shirts, which make up part of the comment section too.

Adhering to the tweet, Gen Z and millennials joined in on Twitter, making fun of another generation.

I thought millennials would have heard from boomers’ toothless avocado jokes, but everybody’s upset about gen to accurately roasting them.

Generation Z is famous. Such as the School Strike for Climate inspired by Greta Thunberg, in which school skipped once a week to fight against global warming For being tech-savvy.

Zoomers Want to die or are in Valorant calling each other the a that they Wake up as a Korean pop star.

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