Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over App Store Loot Boxes

Apple, on Friday, was struck with a suggested class-action lawsuit Targeting loot boxes in apps and games, a mechanism typically characterized by buys that present buyers with randomized benefits.

District Court for the Northern District of California alleges Apple is complicit by allowing developers to advertise programs and games in encouraging gambling and addictive behavior.

Through the games it offers and sells for free To consumers through its app Store’, Apple participates in predatory practices enticing customers, including children, to engage in gaming and similar addictive behavior consumers prohibit these practices.

Dozens (if not hundreds) of App Store games rely on some Kind of Loot Box or similar gambling mechanism to create billions of dollars, much of it from kids.

Apple’s site notes 84 of the apps on the App Store are free And that those developers pay nothing. On in-app purchases, it says:

These programs are free for users to download, and consumers may cover Additional digital articles in the app with the In-App Buy system of Apple and features.

Apple also supplies Parental controls to stop children from purchasing content. Within games and apps without their parents’ permission.

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