Valheim: How to Get Iron Mace

Valheim: How to Get Iron Mace

Valheim: How to Get Iron Mace

Valheim: How to Get Iron Mace

There are a wide range of weapons in Valheim that do various sorts of harm. One of the numerous sort are maces and mallets, which do dull harm.

Various types of Damage

Various animals in the place where there is Valheim are feeble or solid against various types of harm. For instance, Surtlings, which are the primary wellspring of getting Surtling centers, don’t take a lot of harm from natural fire bolts. Likewise, skeletons take less harm from penetrate sources and considerably more from gruff sources, similar to maces. Subsequently, players ought to have an assortment of weapons with the rest of their personal effects to ensure that, whatever they are doing combating, they can bargain the most harm they can.

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Iron Mace

An iron mace is an unpolished weapon produced using iron, wood, and cowhide scraps in Valheim. To get wood, players can slash down pretty much any sort of tree in the game, and calfskin scraps come from hogs. Players can undoubtedly get numerous pieces by keeping a couple of hog trained for rearing and utilizing a portion of their posterity for both crude meat and scraps. Pig can likewise be discovered wild in the Meadows and in the Black Forest decently without any problem.

With respect to Iron, players should kill the second manager of Valheim called the Elder. This tree ent will drop something many refer to as a Swamp Key which opens up tombs in Valheim. When the Swamp Key has been gotten, players can start to dig into Sunken Crypts in the Swamp Biome. These typically contain sloppy piece heaps, which can be dug for calfskin scraps and iron pieces.

Instructions to make an iron mace in Valheim

Making the Mace

After players have accumulated every one of the required materials, they should smelt the iron pieces with the smelter. Subsequent to gathering four wood, three calfskin scraps, and 20 purified Valheim iron, players will actually want to make the Iron Mace at a level 2 Forge. The mace would then be able to be updated.

  • Level 1 Iron Mace – 4 Wood, 3 Leather Scraps, 20 Iron, Level 2 Valheim Forge
    • Durability – 200
    • Blunt Damage – 55
    • Parry Force – 30
    • Durability – 250
    • Blunt Damage – 61
    • Parry Force – 35
    • Durability – 300
    • Blunt Damage – 67
    • Parry Force – 40
    • Durability – 350
    • Blunt Damage – 73
    • Parry Force – 45

    Since the maces, hammers, and clubs of Valheim do blunt damage, they will be great against skeletons, blobs, oozes, and even stone golems. The Iron Mace is a fantastic overall third-level weapon for players just beginning to delve into the Swamp Biome’s murky waters.

Valheim: How to Get Iron Mace
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