Loop Hero: All Resources (And How to Get Them)

Loop Hero: All Resources (And How to Get Them)

Loop Hero: All Resources (And How to Get Them)

Loop Hero: All Resources (And How to Get Them)

Circle Hero has been enchanting players since it was delivered, energizing the top-venders list on Steam. The glad blend of deck building, auto battler, and RPG are shockingly strategically requesting, where savvy choices can convey a run, and mix-ups can bring about a brisk demise and a deficiency of valuable assets.

Circle Hero’s actual advancement depends on shrewdly cultivating those assets and returning to camp, setting up new structures, and performing overhauls that will give players admittance to significant buffs, new classes, and new capacities. Realizing how to cultivate every asset is indispensable, as players will think that it’s conceivable to control the circle from various perspectives to the center ranch the things they need.

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Many resources are tied to specific tiles or tile combinations, though some will take far more luck and effort to get than others. Players have ways to dedicate runs to getting rare resources, although such tactics are not without risk.

  • Food Supply – made by earning 12 Rations. Rations are earned each time a Meadow tile is placed on the level. Complete Food Supplies can also be earned by fighting on Battlefields.
  • Stable Wood – made by earning 12 Stable Branches. Stable Branches are earned by passing through Grove tiles.
  • Preserved Rock – made by earning 10 Preserved Pebbles. Preserved Pebbles can be earned by placing Rock and Moutain tiles or moving through a Cemetary tile. Large amounts of Preserved Pebbles can be earned by creating a Mountain Peak.
  • Stable Metal – made by earning 13 Scrap Metal. Scrap Metal is earned by gather excess weapons and armor and overfilling your inventory. Scrap Metal can also be earned by placing Meadow and Rock cards around a Treasury.
  • Metamorphosis – made by earning 20 Noticeable Change. Noticeable Change is earned using any tile altering combinations, such as placing Meadows beside Rocks to create Blooming Meadows.
  • Book of Memories – made by earning 10 Memory Fragments. Memory Fragments can be earned by overfilling the card deck at the bottom of the screen or building the Cemetery at camp and placing Cemetery tiles on the loop.
  • Astral Orb – earned by defeating Mage and Cosmic-type enemies. A good creature to farm for these are Dark Slimes which can be created by destroying a Goblin Camp while a Goblin is still on the tile.
  • Orb of Afterlife – made by earning 10 Pitiful Remains. Pitiful Remains can drop from Vampire and Undead enemies from the second level onward.
  • Orb of Crafts – can be earned by defeating Artificial and Object type enemies. Chests that spawn from Battlefields are a great source for this.
  • Orb of Evolution – can be obtained by killing enemies that are consider Living or Plant types. Bandits are a good living enemy that will appear for every two Villages placed on the loop.
  • Orb of Expansion – Can be earned by killing more than four monsters in a single fight. Vampire Mansions placed beside Villages will spawn a vampire and four Ghouls, giving players a chance to earn the Orb of Expansion. The more enemies in the fight, the higher the drop chance of the Orb of Expansion.
  • Orb of Immortality – the Orb of Immortality is earned by defeating chapter bosses such as killing the Lich.
  • Orb of Unity – earned by defeating Liquid or Swarm-type enemies. Liquid types are any Slimes and are quite common.

Players will want to try and go on long runs to farm up these resources, so health potions from the Herbalist’s Hut will be essential. As always, there will also be some luck involved, and players will need to ensure they are building their deck to support their farming goals. There will be little point in trying to farm the Orb of Crafts without the Battlefield card in their deck, for example.

The Orb resources will also have a better chance of dropping as players get further into the game, so progressing through the stages is vital. This means players will need to practice and get used to the core gameplay loop and perfect various manipulating the game and resource drops.

Loop Hero: All Resources (And How to Get Them)
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