Call of Duty Mobile is Adding Shipment

Call of Duty Mobile is Adding Shipment

Call of Duty Mobile is Adding Shipment

Call of Duty Mobile is Adding Shipment

Call of Duty Mobile programmer TiMi Studios Consistently teases its lovers, and among the newest teasers was all about a brand new model of Shipment. Nowadays, the teaser has been accomplished, together with the Call of Duty Mobile rework shown off at a short teaser movie.

The edition of Shipment that’s been at Call of Duty Mobile up before today was known as Shipment 1944, and it required on the design of this map which surfaced back in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Despite initial seeming in 2007, the map has survived the test of time since it had been remastered many times — such as a look in Call of Duty: WW2. Though the Call of Duty Mobile variant is visually distinct, it’s structurally the same, highlighting the same design as the first version of the map.
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Call of Duty Mobile is again withdrawing from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 because the game’s variant of Shipment is now being added into the On-the-go FPS. As small and cramped but with crates in Various places, this take on Shipment immediately became a fan favorite from Modern Warfare’s reboot. Several Shipment 24/7 Playlists were added into the match during its life cycle, together with the Remixed map supplying a kind of gameplay that has been just as feverish and Cluttered as the first.

Now, Shipment 2019 is coming to Call of Duty Mobile in all its glory. Boasting the same layout and the same modern design, nothing has changed from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare version and this Call of Duty Mobile port. Arriving as part of Season 2, players can expect to see the map in regular game modes as well as 2v2 and 3v3 playlists. With a new Sniper Rifle coming in Season 2, players will have the perfect map to grind out camos on.

The Call of Duty Mobile fanbase seems thrilled about the addition, as several replies see fans sharing their approval of the addition. That said, a few commenters have asked for insight on Zombies mode. Twitter user @Shushem1, for example, jokes that they will give the game a 1-star rating on the App Store if the mode is not added. With all the hype for Zombies content coming from a recent Call of Duty Mobile survey that suggested the mode’s comeback was possible, TiMi Studios will likely have to deal with questions about the mode for some time now.

Regardless of whether a Zombies mode makes another appearance in the game, Call of Duty Mobile players know that they will soon be playing on Shipment yet again. While the map is not everyone’s cup of tea, many do love it, something that makes its return a welcome one.

Call of Duty Mobile is Adding Shipment
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